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Keep Calm………………….

I love this website!  Simply…..a Keep Calm-o-matic tool.  Just enter the saying of your choice, choose a few simple options, and with a few clicks you’ll have your very own Government-approved motivational slogan.  What slogans could your pupils come up with?!


Program falling snow in Flash

Polish up your Flash skills with these instructions to help you program a falling snow effect using a graphic and some Actionscript.  A really lovely effect that can then be extended onto your own card or Christmas animation. 

Falling snow instructions from Revise ICT

Christmas clipart

You can never have enough Christmas clip art, especially when you know for sure its free to use!  This website has a lovely collection of clip art all done by the sites artist Phillip Martin.  It is completely free to use in educational establishments.  The Christmas collection is a delight, but there is lots more there too, covering a wide range of themes.

Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin

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