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The Great Fire of London

Download an ICT map for The Great Fire of London, giving you ideas on how you can use ICT to support your teaching during this topic, we hope you find it useful! Read More…


Fuse Creator competition

Are you using Fuse Creator in school?  If so, then why not enter this fantastic competition?  This is a UK wide competition that has just been launched – first prize is an Asus Minibook!  You can download a free trial of the software in order to enter the competition, Read More…

Get creative with Animate IT ’08





Animate IT ’08 challenges keen young animators to design their own 3D character for an animated, claymation film.

Don’t waste any time!  The closing date is Friday 4th, April 2008.
Open to children with both school and individual categories with two winners being chosen from each category.  Read More…

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